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About Us

Connecting You With The Your Audience Is What We do!

Lead Generation is an important asset to many businesses, but it also can be time consuming for sales staff. Many companies have their sales staff chase their own leads, more than half their desk time in a day and so most of the time is spent on phone rather than on field meeting prospects and discuss projects to win New Business.

Reb Solutions focus is to bridge the gap between the sales team and end user clients, clearing the way for sales staff to spend more time doing what they do best: engaging face-to-face with willing and interested leads. We know the importance of a sale, and the complex nature of sales pipeline, so we take care and ensure that only the best quality leads are generated for each of our clients whilst constantly promoting your organisation.

As with all of our services, we place great emphasis on working closely with clients in lead generation campaigns. Hence, we are able to ensure the training we provide our staff is of a high standard and the information we pass on to sales targets is accurate. This training is supplemented with ongoing coaching and development of staff. This constant training enables us to improve our standards of work, making your job easier when it comes to closing the deal.

The Services Include:  Telemarketing | Email Marketing | Data Profiling | Data Mining | Direct Marketing | Event Management | Corporate Branding

Countries We are currently generating leads for our clients include:  India | APAC | USA | Middle East

                                                                                               All with an aim to connect you with your target audiecne!


Getting you leads is our Job but working with you to win those leads is our goal!


Events we do for B2B clients and prospects are done with care and budget in mind as all comes down to "great quality at less expense"


Telemarketing | Event Management | Seminar | Direct marketing Activities | Social Media....all to make sure you win NEW BUSINESS!

What we do best

We do this..that..everything to - CONNECT YOU WITH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE

  • Telemarketing Activities We Offer 100%
  • Event Management Activities We Offer 100%
  • Direct Marketing Support We Offer 80%

Finding Solutions For Problems is more Important then finding Problems in Solutions

- Finding solutions for your challenges and painpoints is our objective! -

REB Solutions Team

Get to know the key people behind it all, and our Agency!


Events Manager


Campaign Director


Busy Bee - Director


Tech Support | Accounts


Client Success for Middle East | APAC


We are fortunate to have a growing number of clients in the B2B field, some below...who use our services due to both Value Of Investment and Return Of Investment


Telemarketing | Event Management | Corporate Branding


Our Aim is to connect you and your target audience together.  We do not sell your product or service but we focus towards setting an Appointment or a Sales Call and set up a time-date for you and your client, so you  can sell your service or product.

We will get you in front of the right people so you can win the new business.

We will always qualify the lead, so you know you are reaching out right prospects and not window shoppers!

We focus on Value of Investment and Return on Investment : What you are getting for spending marketing revenue with us and what you are making in return from what we give you.

Part of this includes:

 - Email Marketing

 - Data profiling | Data Mining

 - Second and third round follow up calls with prospects for whom proposal is sent

 - Rescheduling the meetings or sales calls which get cancelled   



We plan and organise successful conferences, roundtables and webinar events for our clients and prospects.  We do pre-registration call outs to invite the right prospects, arrange the hall with neccessary technology, make sure the attendees are welcomed on the day and also feedback questionnaire given out and follow up calls after the event to generate leads.

Our events provide clients unparalleled access to networking opportunities and discover information on trends and disruptions within their profession.  The Two main areas we have been successful in delivering resutls for our clients include:

  - Conference and Seminar Management

 -  Product launches and Brand Activations


Direct Marketing Support

We have partnered with the best in field support for making sure you get everything to do with direct marketing while reaching out to your prospects.

 - Business Visiting Cards Design

 - Brouchure Printing

 - 2 Panel & 3 Panel Brouchures

 - Standees

 - Banners with Stands

 - Customised Gifts

Clients Testimonials


Whether you are curious about us or looking out for new business development channels, we are keen to hear from you!

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Vardhman plaza, sector 6, Dwarka, 110075, India

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